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International Payment Gateway

Today's global marketplace demands that businesses have comprehensive and secure services to handle international payments. Unlike the UK and US markets, where standard credit and debit cards are widely used, international trade requires a deeper insight into local preferences and trends. We fully understand the ever-changing global payments landscape and will work with you to address all your international payment needs, by tailoring our service to match your business requirements.

With our global payment gateway you can benefit from: 


  • A wide range of  traditional and alternative payment methods in over 180 countries worldwide.


  • Sophisticated Fraud and Risk Management System that operates both on a local and international scale.


  • Multiple Currency Processing, allowing you to transact payments in over 170 currencies without having to open multiple bank accounts.


  • Dynamic Currency Conversion, giving your international customers the choice of paying in their own home currency.


  • MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Connect Service, helping you set up necessary contacts with domestic and international acquiring banks around the world.


  • Switch to Issuer - a unique service that offers an alternative way of obtaining authorisation responses from Issuers, based on direct connection to MasterCard’s Global Banking Network. It can often reduce time and complexities associated with expansion into new geographies.


  • Local acquiring acceptance and banking rates.


  • One contract, one connection and one reporting tool for all payment types.


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