Payment Tokenization (Pre-Registered Card)

Payment Tokenization

The Pre-Registered Card Service extends the functionality of the Bank Card Service. It enables new transactions to be performed on any credit or debit card which has previously been successfully authorised on your MasterCard Payment Gateway Services account within the last 13 months. When using this service, the details of the previous transaction are passed to the DPG with the transaction, instead of the card details. The DPG locates the earlier transaction and uses the card details from it to submit another authorisation request to your Acquiring Bank. This means you do not need to store sensitive card details on your system.

For all Pre-Registered transactions, the authorisation and settlement process remains exactly the same as with the Bank Card Service.


Before you can go live with this service, you will need the following:

  • an account with MasterCard Payment Gateway Services configured for this Service

  • an application integrated with the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Bank Card Service

  • the ability to send XML transactions to our servers

The service uses your existing merchant ID. It does not require a Recurring merchant ID as the transactions are not processed as recurring transactions.

Transaction Processing Models

Each Pre-Registered transaction can be processed with either the one stage or the two stage processing models. The transactions can also be cancelled and refunded, if required in exactly the same way as for Bank Card transactions.

Performing Transactions

The Existing Transaction

Any transaction which has been successfully authorised in the last 13 months can be used as the basis for a Pre-Registered transaction, regardless of its settlement status. This means that even uncompleted two stage and cancelled transactions can be used.

With the Pre-Registered Card Service, additional transactions cannot be processed once the card has expired - it is therefore recommended to store the expiry date of the card to ensure that it is still valid prior to submission to the DPG.

Performing a Pre-Registered Transaction

To submit a Pre-Registered transaction, the information required is very similar to that needed for the Bank Card Service. These pieces of information are supplied instead of the full card details:

  • the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services reference of the original transaction

  • the type - to identify the transaction as a Pre-Registered transaction

These details enable to DPG to locate the card details from the original transaction.

The remaining elements are the same as for the Bank Card Service.

Response Codes

The Responses returned for the Pre-Registered Card Service are the same as those returned for the Bank Card Service. Transactions can be Accepted, Declined and Referred.

A complete list of Response Codes for this service is available here.


All Pre-Registered transactions are displayed in the Bank Card section of Reporting in the same fashion as the initial Bank Card transactions.

The Reporting System has the functionality to search for all Pre-Registered transactions submitted from a particular initial transaction. The MasterCard Payment Gateway Services reference numbers for existing transactions can also be retrospectively downloaded from the Reporting System, if you do not have access to them via your own system.

The Support Centre contains full hints and tips to help you get the most out of Reporting.