Split Shipment

Split Shipment

The Split Shipment Service allows you to perform multiple settlements against a single authorised transaction, retaining 3-D Secure liability shift for each settlement.
When performing a second or subsequent fulfillment using the Split Shipment Service your Acquiring Bank will be contacted for re-authorisation if 7 or more days have passed since the initial authorisation.

When using this service, an additional re-authorisation stage may be added to the payment flow.


Each time a transaction is fulfilled, the DPG will check the age of the transaction being fulfilled, and the total amount already fulfilled from that transaction. If the value of the fulfill transaction plus the value already fulfilled against the transaction does not exceed the original value authorised by more than ten percent, the DPG will send a re-authorisation request to your Acquirer for the value of the fulfill.

If the transaction is over seven days old and requires a second or subsequent fulfilment, the DPG will also send a re-authorisation request to your Acquiring Bank for the value of the fulfill.


Before you can go live with the Split Shipment Service, you will need the following

  • A MasterCard Payment Gateway Services account

  • The account to be configured for Split Shipment

Split Shipment is supported for all card types via most Acquiring Banks.

Transaction Processing Models

The Split Shipment Service is an enhancement to the Bank Card Two Stage Processing model. Once the initial pre transaction has been authorised, the funds for that transaction can be settled over several transactions.

Situations in which this could be implemented include:

  • Shipment of goods will be split, the cardholder can be charged for each individual shipment

  • Ordered Items are not available at time of original authorisation and will be shipped seven days or more after the original authorisation

Performing Transactions

When performing a second or subsequent fulfill using the Split Shipment Service, one additional element is required in the fulfill request:

  • Unique reference number generated by your system - to allow the transactions to be distinguished from each other

Response Codes

When using the Split Shipment Service, the response codes and error messages are the same as returned for the Bank Card Service.


The transactions are detailed in the Bank Card section of the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Reporting system. Additional information will be displayed for any transaction processed using this service.