Hosted Card Capture

Hosted Card Capture

The Hosted Card Capture Service allows the capture of card details to be performed on a webpage hosted by MasterCard Payment Gateway Services, rather than on your own website. This means that the responsibilty for complying with PCI DSS lies with MasterCard Payment Gateway Services, rather than yourself, as your website is not storing or transmitting card details. The solution is easily integrated with any existing Merchant website, call centre or mobile app, allowing retained control of look, feel and branding and preventing customers from feeling they are being moved to another site to make payment. This service is primarily aimed at existing MasterCard Payment Gateway Services merchants.

When using this service, an additional capture of card details stage is introduced to the processing flow. After this step is completed, the 3-D Secure Check, authorisation and settlement proceed as normal.

Capture of Card Details

Once your customer is ready to proceed with payment, your website or call centre application sends to MasterCard Payment Gateway Services basic information about the transaction. The DPG returns information which your system uses to divert the cardholder to the Hosted Card Capture page specified. The cardholder is presented with your card capture page (appearing in the preferred method implemented - pop-up, iFrame or redirect), which will display appropriate branding and custom fields. The cardholder then enters the information as required by the page. Once complete, the cardholder is re-directed back to your website.

Your website may query the status of the capture process and obtain basic details about the card.


Before you can go live with the Hosted Card Capture Service, you will need the following:

  • A MasterCard Payment Gateway Services account

  • A merchant account or merchant ID (MID) with one of the Acquiring Banks that MasterCard Payment Gateway Services are integrated with, for each currency and environment you wish to trade in.

  • A valid secure return URL on your website.

  • The Hosted Card Capture Service configured on the account

In addition, you may also wish to have:

  • A valid expired return URL on your website. The user will be re-directed by MasterCard Payment Gateway Services to this URL if they have not completed the payment within three hours

  • One or more customised Payment Pages configured on your MasterCard Payment Gateway Services account

Design of Payment Page

The design of the hosted page is fully customisable to your requirements. Multiple pages may be configured on a single account, enabling you to design pages for different regions and brandings. Pages can be created in languages other than English and can be designed to return any errors back to the cardholder in that language. Dynamic Data Placeholders within the hosted page can be used to specify text or images on the payment page on a per transaction basis - e.g. customer name, or product. Additional information such as cardholder name can be collected using Dynamic Capture Fields.

Transaction Processing Models

Using the Hosted Card Capture Service, you may process transactions with or without 3-D Secure. You may also use either one step auth or two step pre-fulfill settlement.

The new transaction types which are introduced when using the Hosted Card Capture Service are:

Transaction Type



Obtains information which your website utilises to re-direct the cardholder to the hosted page


Used to determine status of capture and obtain details about the card

Transactions may be refunded using refund, txn_refund or erp-fulfill. They may also be cancelled.

Performing Transactions

Each transaction type requires specific information to be provided. In addition to those listed, each requires a client and password - these are security details which identify your account.

Session setup

In order to obtain the URL to which the cardholder is re-directed, the following details are required:

  • unique reference number generated by your system - to allow the transactions to be distinguished from each other

  • the value and currency of the transaction

  • the transaction type of setup

  • the page_set_ID - which identifies the specific page which should be presented to the cardholder

You may also supply:

  • return URL - once your customer has entered their payment details, they will be re-directed by MasterCard Payment Gateway Services to this URL

  • expiry url

  • details of any additional Dynamic Data fields which are to appear on the page


To obtain the details of the status of the card capture, a query transaction can be sent, this requires:

  • the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services reference of the original setup transaction

  • method must be query

Authorising the Payment

Once a customer's data has been captured, a pre or auth transaction can be sent. This will attempt authorisation on the card details entered by the cardholder.

The information needed to perform these transactions remains unchanged, expect for two pieces of information which are supplied in place of the card details:

  • the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services reference of the original setup transaction

  • the type from_hps - to identify the transaction as an Hosted Card Capture transaction

Other Transactions

The other transaction types utilised when processing a transaction via the Hosted Card Capture Service remain unchanged:

  • threedsecure_authorization_request

  • fulfill

  • cancel

  • txn_refund

  • authorize_referral_request

Response Codes

A complete list of Response Codes is available in the Developers Area. TheSupport Centre also contains extensive examples for most error codes. Illustrations are given to demonstrate how they would appear in both Reporting and an XML Response. Suggestions are also given to help you prevent them from occurring.

When using the Hosted Card Capture Service, the Bank Responses remain the same as if the payment page was hosted within your own website.


The transactions performed via the Hosted Card Capture Service are detailed in the Bank Card section of the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Reporting system.