Historic Recurring Cards

Historic Recurring Cards

This Service allows repeat payments to be processed on a Recurring Transaction Merchant ID for any Amex, Visa or Mastercard branded card. When the first payment is taken from the card, an account is also set up at MasterCard Payment Gateway Services. When you wish to perform a recurring payment, the details of this account are passed to the DPG instead of the card details. This allows you to remain in control of the timings and value of each payment, while removing the need to store sensitive card details within your own systems.

To use this service, your account will be configured with your recurring MID and also your normal MID (either e-Commerce or MoTo).

Many aspects of this service are similar to the Bank Card Service.

There are three stages to setting up an account and taking payments from it:authorisation of the first paymentauthorisation of subsequent payments andsettlement.

Authorisation of Initial Payment:

Once the payment details have been collected and sent to MasterCard Payment Gateway Services, they are immediately sent to your Acquiring Bank for authorisation. Your Bank forwards the request to the Card Issuing Bank. The Issuing bank checks the card details against their own systems and return an authorisation code if they approve the transaction.

For successfully authorised transactions, an account will be automatically setup.

The full transaction response - including the outcome of the transaction and details of the account - is then passed back to your system.

Authorisation of Subsequent Payments

When you wish to take a subsequent payment from the card, the details of the card's account are passed to MasterCard Payment Gateway Services. The DPG locates the account and uses the card details recorded against it to send the transaction for authorisation against your recurring MID. The result of this transaction is then passed back to your system.

Settlement of Payments

The settlement process for the initial and subsequent payments is the same as for normal Credit and Debit Card transactions.


Before you can go live with this service, you will need the following:

  • an account with MasterCard Payment Gateway Services configured for this Service

  • an e-Commerce or Mo/To Merchant ID

  • a recurring Transaction capable MID

  • the ability to send XML transactions to our servers

Transaction Processing Models

Using this Service, each transaction can be processed with either the one stage or the two stage processing models. The transactions can also be cancelled and refunded if required. Full details of these models and transaction types are available in the Bank Card page.


Transaction Type



Performs an initial charge against the MID of your choice. If successful, it also sets up the account for the card


Makes a payment on the account


Can be used to either cancel the account, or a payment

Performing Transactions

Both transaction types require specific information to be provided. In addition to those listed, each requires a client and password - these are security details which identify your account.

Initial Payment and Account Setup

When setting up an account, the normal transaction and card information should be provided. This is the exactly the same as for the Bank Card Service, details are available here.

In addition, there are two extra pieces of information:

  • the type setup - to indicate that a Historic Recurring set up account is required in addition to the payment

  • the capture method for the initial transaction, one of:

    • ecomm - the transaction is an e-Commerce transaction

    • cnp - the transaction is a MoTo transaction

    • cont_auth - a recurring transaction. This should only be used if you have previously processed recurring transactions for the customer, but are transfering the processing of these to MasterCard Payment Gateway Services.

Taking Subsequent Payments

When you wish to take subsequent payments, the following information is presented in the place of the card details:

  • the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services reference of the original transaction

  • the type historic - to identify the transaction as a Historic Recurring transaction

Cancelling an Account or Payment

Both accounts and transactions can be cancelled. Exactly the same information is needed for both of these as for cancelling a normal Credit and Debit card transaction.

Response Codes


The basic Response types for the initial authorisation are the same as for the Bankcard service. This means the basic Response types for this service are:

  • Accepted

  • Declined

  • Referred

  • Error


Once a transaction is accepted, your system can complete the normal ordering process. If you are using the two stage payment model, please remember that the second stage must be completed to debit / credit the card.


A complete list of Response Codes for this service is available here. The Support Centre also contains extensive examples for most error codes. Suggestions are also given to help you prevent them from occurring.


The transactions are detailed in the Bank Card section of Reporting, in the same fashion as normal Bank Card transactions.

The accounts are detailed in the Recurring section. There are three main areas:

  • Summary - gives a summary of the accounts

  • List - shows specific details of the accounts

  • Details - shows full details of each account individually

The Support Centre contains full hints and tips to help you get the most out of Reporting.