Direct Debit Refunds

Direct Debit Refunds

This Service enables you to quickly and easily return funds by Direct Credit, to any customers with Direct Debit Instructions held on your account in the DPG. The funds are credited back to the account details held on the DDI, even if the DDI has been cancelled.

Like the Direct Debit drawdowns, all Direct Debit Refunds are batched by theDPG each working day and are submitted to BACS for processing. This process takes three working days.


Before you can go live with this service, you will need the following:

  • an account with MasterCard Payment Gateway Services configured for the Direct Debit Refunds Service

  • existing DDIs set up on the account with the Direct Debit Service

  • the ability to send XML transactions to the DPG

  • your OIN to be configured at your Sponsoring Bank for Direct Credit

Transaction Processing Models

Any existing DDI can be used to perform a Direct Debit Refund. If the DDI has already been revoked, it may still be used for refunds. It is also possible to cancel a Direct Debit Refund before settlement if required.

Refunding a Direct Debit

Situations in which you may wish to implement Direct Debit Refunds include:

  • Customer cancels DDI just after a payment has been settled

  • Payment value needs to be be adjusted

  • Payment taken in error

Transaction Type




refunds a DDI

Returns funds to the account

Cancelling a Refund

The cancel transaction prevents any unsettled ddrefund from being settled


Transaction Type




Prevents settlement of a transaction

Prevents an unsettled ddrefund from being submitted for settlement

Performing Transactions

Both transaction type requires specific information to be provided. In addition to those listed, each requires a client and password - these are security details which identify your account.

Refunding a Direct Debit

To perform a ddrefund, the following information needs to be submitted:

  • the value you wish to be refunded

  • the transaction type - ddrefund

  • the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Reference of the DDI you wish to perform the refund against

  • a unique reference number generated by your system - to allow the transactions to be distinguished from each other

Cancelling a refund

To cancel a ddrefund prior to settlement, the following information is required:

  • the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Reference of the ddrefund you wish to cancel

  • the transaction type - cancel

Response Codes

There are two basic Response types for all transactions.

  • Accepted

  • Errors


A successful response indicates that the ddrefund will be sent to BACS for settlement, unless it is cancelled.


A complete list of Response Codes for this service is available here. TheSupport Centre also contains extensive examples for most error codes. Illustrations are given to demonstrate how they would appear in both Reporting and an XML Response. Suggestions are also given to help you prevent them from occurring.


The ddrefunds are detailed in the Direct Debit section of the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Reporting system, on the same pages as the drawdowns.

The Support Centre contains full hints and tips to help you get the most out of Reporting.