Capture Method Recurring Transactions

Capture Method

The Capture Method Recurring Transaction Service allows repeat payments to be processed on a Recurring Transaction Merchant ID for any Amex, Visa or MasterCard branded card. It operates in a very similar way to the Bank Card Service. If you are already using the Bank Card service, the Capture Method Service can be added easily to your existing processes as it only requires one single extra piece of information to be submitted with each transaction.

To use this service, your account will be configured with your recurring MID and also your normal MID (either e-Commerce or MoTo). When submitting a transaction to the DPG, an additional flag specifies whether you wish the transaction to be processed as a normal transaction or as a recurring transaction. 

The initial transaction on a card is flagged for your normal MID and all subsequent debits are flagged for your recurring MID. If you wish to return funds to the card, this should be done using your normal MID.


Before you can go live with this service, you will need the following:

  • an account with MasterCard Payment Gateway Services configured for this Service

  • either an e-Commerce or MoTo MID

  • a recurring Transaction capable MID

  • an application integrated with the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Bank Card Service

  • the ability to send XML transactions to our servers

Transaction Processing Models

Each Capture Method Recurring Transaction can be processed with either the one stage or the two stage processing models. The transactions can also be cancelled and refunded, if required, in exactly the same way as for Bank Card transactions. Full details of these models and transaction types are available in the Bank Card section.

Performing Transactions

When using this service, the normal transaction and card information should be provided; this is the exactly the same as for the Bank Card Service.

In addition, the capture method for each transaction needs to be specified. This specifies which environment - and hence the MID - the transaction will be processed against. The capture methods are:

  • ecomm - the transaction is to be processed using the e-Commerce MID

  • cnp - to be processed using the MoTo MID

  • cont_auth - to be processed using your recurring MID

If you are using NatWest as your Acquirer, each cont_auth transaction should also indicate which environment the initial transaction was processed in.

Response Codes

The Responses returned for the Capture Method Recurring Transaction Service are the same as those returned for the Bank Card Service. Transactions can be Accepted, Declined and Referred.

A complete list of Response Codes for this service is available here.


The transactions processed using this service are displayed in the Bank Cardsection of Reporting in the same fashion as non-capture method transactions.

The Support Centre contains full hints and tips to help you get the most out of Reporting.