Batch Processing for Bank Cards

Batch Processing for Bank Cards

The Batch Input Service allows many of the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Credit and Debit Card Services to be utilised by submitting a batch of transactions, instead of submitting individual transactions as they occur.

The following MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Services can be accessed with Batch Input:

  • The Card Processing Service, including:

    • One Stage Processing

    • Two Stage Processing

    • Refunds without card details

    • Cancellations


  • The Capture Method model of Recurring Transactions

  • The Pre-Registered Cards Service

As the data which needs to be submitted to perform Batch Input transactions for these services is the same as for real time transactions, please refer to this information via the links above.

Further detailed information to assist integration with the Batch Input Service for Credit and Debit Card Payments is available in the Developers Guide.

AVSCV2 Checking with the Batch Input Service

The Address and Postcode check can be performed - where appropriate - for Batch Input transactions if these details are provided along with the card number. If your Acquiring Bank supports the Extended AVS check, this can be used if you are using the XML format for the batch. The Standard AVS check is available to all Acquiring Banks.

Please Note - as the Card Scheme Rules state that the CV2 should not be stored, this information cannot be accepted when using the Batch Input Service.