Batch Processing for BACS Payments

Batch Processing for BACS Payments

The Batch Input Service allows the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services BACS Services to be utilised by submitting a batch of transactions, instead of submitting individual transactions to our servers in real time.


The following MasterCard Payment Gateway Services can be accessed with the Batch Input Service:

  • Direct Debit

    • One and Two Stage Setups

    • Drawdowns

    • Revokes

  • Direct Credit

    • Standard Direct Credit

    • Direct Debit Refund

    • CreditCard Collection Account Payment

The full functionality of these services are available through the Batch Input Service.

As the data which needs to be submitted to perform transactions for these services is the same as for real time transactions, please refer to this information via the links above.

Further detailed information to assist integration with the Batch Input Service for BACS Payments, is available in the Developers Guide.