3D Secure

3D Secure

3-D Secure is an authenticated payment system to improve online transaction security and encourage the growth of e-commerce payments. Collectively Visa, MasterCard and AMEX secure systems are brand identities of the 3-D Secure Cardholder Authentication Scheme.
3-D Secure systems recreate the high level of security of a physical payment environment by requesting further payment authentication. The objective is to provide a safe and secure online payment experience across all three domains using a password that is validated by the card issuer and further checked by all other parties involved in the transaction.


How does 3-D Secure work?


3-D Secure uses Three Domain and SSL Technology to provide a standardised and secure method of performing transactions over the internet. These systems are in place to protect all parties including the merchant, card holder and the banks of the cardholder and merchant against unauthorised use.

Without these measures AMEX, VISA and MasterCard are not compliant with card scheme rules and are liable to pay heavy fines from acquiring banks. These measures have been put in place to enhance convenience, acceptance and security.




  • Supports Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and AMEX SafeKey
  • Pre-accredited with majorAcquiring Banks
  • Easily integrated with MPI(Merchant Plug In) to MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Payment Gateway
  • Fully outsourced solution whichis maintained by MasterCard Payment Gateway Services
  • Facilitates International anddomestic Maestro processing




  • Protects cardholder against unauthorised use
  • Added layer of fraud protection
  • Shift fraud liability from your business with chargeback protection on qualifying transactions
  • Increase customer confidence when shopping online
  • Resides on secure, reliable and resilient DPG
  • Consolidated MasterCard Payment Gateway Services customer support
  • Potential to negotiate lower rates for 3-D secure transactions with your acquiring bank


How it Works