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Outsource Fraud Prevention & Risk Management

With MasterCard Payment Gateway Services you have the option to manage your fraud & risk management processes in-house, fully outsource them to us, or use a combination of the two.

GateKeeper is differentiated by the critical and extensive input from a large team of fraud & risk experts, continually enhancing systems performance.

These experienced professionals work in collaboration to monitor, analyze and alert on behalf of our Merchants – protecting them from all types of fraud, whilst guarding their genuine customers. These teams positively contribute to any Merchant using GateKeeper fraud & risk managment solutions, with specific activity determined according to the Merchant needs.


Outsource options:

  • Review queue management
  • Rules management
  • Reporting and administration of chargebacks
  • All actions around user accounts and back office systems

Outsource benefits:

  • Increase profits by using the most experienced team to more accurately detect fraud and manage risk
  • Reduce costs as no need for an in-house team or continual investments
  • Create efficiencies by re-deploying resources for more effective use, optimizing time and money spent on in-house resources
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