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Merchant Monitor

Detects fraudulent activity before Acquiring banks foot the bill

In a highly competitive marketplace the costs of merchant fraud can no longer be compensated for through higher processing fees. Being liable to compensate issuers and cardholders when merchants go bad or bust can be a significant risk to Acquiring banks.

Merchant Monitor has been developed in response to this. As part of the GateKeeper porfolio of products to support Acquiring banks, this solution is designed to prevent merchant fraud and the associated costs, as well as provide a first level of protection against consumer fraud.

Merchant Monitor is fully hosted which will save Acquirers time and money compared with running an off-the-shelf solution, and doesn't require any merchant integration so the controls can be rolled out seamlessly across a merchant base.


How it works...

Why Merchant Monitor?

Merchant Monitor enables Acquirers to:

  • Introduce comprehensive fraud and risk management controls for peace of mind
  • Receive alerts and take prompt preventative action
  • Configure merchants to ensure trusted merchants are not impacted
  • Review merchant spending patterns to better understand customers

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