Fraud & Risk Management

Fraud & Risk Management

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services will reduce the costs of fraud to your business whilst ensuring that genuine customers are not rejected or left frustrated.

Our muti-layered approach, using industry leading advanced technologies and a team of experts, detects fraud with pin-point accuracy and is proven to increase sales revenues.


Why pin-point accuracy is important


GateKeeper fraud & risk management

Our fraud & risk management solution, GateKeeper, is split into a range of structured fraud & risk management solutions that can be employed in-house or can be fully outsourced. These are:

  • Tailored to industry specific needs
  • Fit precisely within any business model
  • Require a single integration
  • Enable all transactions to be fully screened and analysed for links regardless of payment type, currency, channel or geographic market they originate from

GateKeeper provides end-to-end fraud monitoring, detection and prevention. Using a multi-dimensional approach it tackles fraud & risk from every angle by layering security strategies and technologies that balance protection and profitability at every stage of the payment lifecycle during:

  • Account Registration to screen and evaluate consumer account registration risk
  • Payment Authentication to analyse and define security strategies to verify genuine customers 
  • Transaction Processing to identify, detect and review high-risk transactions based on unique risk profiles 
  • Dispute and Recovery to manage and resolve chargeback disputes to recover losses 
  • Evaluation and Refinement to analyse and refine fraud performance against trends

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Outsource Services

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