Key Features

Fraud Prevention & Risk Management - Features

Our comprehensive and advanced automated GateKeeper fraud & risk screening solutions enable you to stay two steps ahead of fraudsters and the competition. Operating across sectors gives us maximum exposure to fraud trends and data enabling us to provide maximum fraud prevention within your sector.


Key features

  • Speed to suit your business need – transactions screened in real-time (sub 2 seconds) and/or near real-time 
  • Control over which transactions you review – capable of instant decision of accept/reject around all transactions or opportunity to review small proportion which are flagged between high and low risk
  • Efficient reviews – through web-based system that optimizes efficiency of the in-depth analysis that it facilitates
  • Pin-point accuracy around detection of fraud – using multiple-layers of advanced technologies and innovation     
  • Advanced reporting – real-time view enables measurement of system and users’ performance
  • Access to unparalleled expertise – our teams of fraud & risk specialists are available 24/7 to continually monitor and refine your fraud & risk strategies




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