Payment Processing for the Retail Industry

Rapid technological advancements mean the payment types and channels that Retailers are expected to accept are rapidly increasing. This demand is unlikely to subside. In fact, if taking business abroad the complexity increases due to individual countries having their own local payment types and channels. Offering as much choice as possible around how consumers pay for their goods and services will inevitably increase sales and market share. Yet, how is that balanced with a reliable, efficient, PCI DSS compliant service that doesn't cost an extortionate amount through implementation, maintenance and service fees?


Consider a SINGLE Retail solution that:


  • Opens up New Sales Channels - including web, call centre, store, kiosks and mobile.
  • Expands Internationally - a single point of access to local payment mechanisms worldwide.
  • Improves Customer Experience - fast, secure and reliable processing, remembers details of repeat customers and reduces false positive fraud detection.
  • Combats Fraud - best in class system with complex rules minimizes chargebacks and protects genuine custom. Outsource option increases efficiency and lowers cost of fraud management.
  • Enables PCI DSS Compliance by removing card details from all internal systems.


MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Retail Payments and Fraud Service Features
Payment Gateway
Multiple Sales channels
Point of Sale (POS) terminal, Web/eCommerce, Mail-order, Telephone-order, Call center/IVR, Mobile/mCommerce, SMS and Interactive TV
Multiple Payment Types
Over 45 types:Direct debit and credit, Direct bank transfer, Gift card, Prepaid card, Virtual card, eWallet, eCheck, Check/paper payout, Prepaid voucher/Online cash
International Capabilities
Domestic and International payments in over 180 countries.
Any bank, card scheme or alternative payment brand.
Dynamic Currency Conversion services/multi-currency settlement.
Retail POS
  • PA-DSS Compliant
  • IFSF/OPI Integration Interface
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Multiple PED support
  • Modular applications e.g. Loyalty/gift card acceptance
  • Estate management
  • Generic accreditation
Recurring Payments
'Fire and Forget' enables set up of a recurring payments schedule with just one instruction (supports DD).
Suitable where instalments are generally of fixed amounts e.g. RAC invoice customers with payments spread over 12 months on a fixed payment plan.
'Historic Transactions' allocates a unique reference number which enables subsequent authorisation requests on recurring transactions merchant ID using this reference number. Details stored on MasterCard Payment Gateway Services secure servers relieving your security liability. The amount and frequency of each instalment can vary, e.g. Utility company invoices customer each month for service charges incurred in previous month.
Split Shipment
One authorization can be used to fulfil disparate parts of an order.
'Pre-Reg Card' - customer "saves" their card details for future purchases. Merchant sends first transactions to MasterCard Payment Gateway Services, we return a 16 digit reference which is used for subsequent transactions
PCI DSS Compliance
Hosted Payment Pages or iFrames removes the need to deal with sensitive card data.
'Tokenization' turns encrypted data into a token, meaning you don't have to handle sensitive data.
MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Retail POS system and Data Centres use permanently encrypted data and are PCI DSS to Level 1 Accredited.
Access all transactions processed through MasterCard Payment Gateway Services via an online web application. With configurable user access it offers the ability to refund, fulfil and cancel transactions and download transaction detail in CSV format. It enables configurable CSV reports, pre-generated settlement reports and POST requests.
Systems can deal with over 8,000 transactions per minute.
Multiple location state-of-the-art data centers with around-the-clock live transaction monitoring with automatic fail-over prevents costly system downtime.
Easy Integration
Shopping cart, iFrame or via a single API
Fraud Management
Complex rules specific to industry
Using a database which is unrivalled for the Retail industry along with an understanding of Retail which allows MasterCard Payment Gateway Services's experts to create complex rules modelling to provide unbeatable precision around identification of fraudulent transactions to minimize chargebacks and protect genuine customers.
On and Offline Screening
Facilitates real time approvals, offline approvals or a combination of the two.
Full Verification
Performs 3D Secure, AVS, CV2 and Age and Identity Verification checks.
Shared Negative Database
Detects £1million worth of fraud per day.
Outsource Option
Flexibility to manage queries and disputes in-house or let MasterCard Payment Gateway Services take the strain.


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