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Payment Processing - Online Media Industry

The online media, entertainment and digital download space is growing at a rapid rate as it is driven by customer demand for innovation and is not restricted by age, gender, nationality or location. This global industry attracts active users trading online, across mobile and social platforms.

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services are working with both existing and emerging customers to meet the challenges of this industry through innovative micro-transaction offerings and in-app payment acceptance (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) as well as traditional web and mobile browser e/m Commerce.

Our knowledge of global markets and popular payment types helps us to enable our customers in this space to reach a wider and more loyal customer base with a consistently excellent experience. As one of the UK’s leading e-commerce providers with over 15 years of experience our solutions are designed to best serve high growth markets and international demands whilst reducing internal responsibility and liability.


Key Benefits:


  • A range of 45+ alternative payment methods to support business expansion and internationalisation into new markets with local and global payment processes.
  • Dedicated m-commerce strategies to complement existing website infrastructures and maximise mobile conversions.
  • Recurring payments and subscription payment methods to capture and retain more subscriptions annually whilst eliminating security liability with PCI DSS compliance.
  • International and Domestic Credit and Debit Card Processing including Diners, JCB, AMEX, CUP, Carte Si and Carte Bleue.
  • Value added services including Dynamic Currency Conversion to support a range of currencies and international markets.
  • Integrated fraud and risk management to help reduce any costs associated with fraud, whilst managing the customer experience and working to increase sales and conversion.
  • Peak Performance Processing Systems to efficiently manage high volume transactions without service degradation.


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