Point-To-Point Encryption

Our P2PE Solution Is Now Available

Achieving and maintaining PCI compliance in-store can be costly and time-consuming. In the current challenging retail environment merchants need to constantly seek out new technologies that can streamline the process, cut operational costs and reduce the risk of a potential data breach.

We are pleased to announce that MasterCard Payment Gateway customers can now benefit from our fully PCI certified P2PE solution, designed to not only remove the sensitive cardholder data from merchant’s in-store environment, but also to reduce the burden of PCI DSS compliance and cut operational costs.

How It Works...

P2PE technology encrypts sensitive cardholder data at the point of card acceptance (CHIP&PIN terminal), thus rendering the data useless if it fell into the hands of a cyber-criminal. Once encrypted, cardholder data remains encoded until it reaches our secure omni-channel payment gateway environment, where it is decrypted for onward bank processing.

Why P2PE?

  • Reduced PCI scope for in-store payments
  • Significantly lowered data breach risk
  • Increased time and cost efficiency

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