Organisation Announcement:

Brand Transition - MasterCard Payment Gateway Services

We are pleased to announce that we are on an exciting journey to consolidate our organisational brands under one group MasterCard brand - MasterCard Payment Gateway Services.

Which organisations are involved in this activity?

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services will bring together MasterCard's payment gateway assets, including all parts of the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Group, as well as MiGS based in Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa, and the recently acquired assets of TNS Payment Gateway Services.

Why are these changes taking place?

MasterCard's payment gateway offering has been significantly widened in terms of product, services, global reach and expertise, following MasterCard's acquisitions of MasterCard Payment Gateway Services and TNS Payment Gateway Services. Integration plans are currently underway to consolidate our offering and ensure our customers benefit from these assets. The rebrand will reflect these changes.

What does being a 'MasterCard Company' really mean?

MasterCard's payment gateway services are unique and we want our customers to gain maximum benefit from our parent company.
Whilst remaining entirely brand agnostic from a payment acceptance point of view, enabling card payments from all schemes as well as multiple alternative payment method brands, we are also able to leverage the wider MasterCard organization to enhance our services to you, with additional opportunities for across the broader payments value chain:

Access to truly global capabilities...

We listen locally and partner with customers to create solutions backed by MasterCard's global capabilities. This includes:

  • Looking broadly at the value of global investments to build local solutions
  • Regionally-deploying experts in five centers of excellence
  • Providing truly global support with a business spanning 210 countries and a team of 10,300 people
  • Enabling access to MasterCard's unique global network of over 140 banks, to further assist your international growth plans

Stability and a commitment to invest and enhance...

We have a track record of acquisitions and investments that will continue to enhance and grow the payment solutions we can provide to our customers:

  • Connecting 22,000 financial institutions that have issued more than 1.9 billion cards
  • Processing over 43 billion transactions in 2014
  • Achieving revenue of $9.5 billion, income of $3.6 billion and growth of 14% in 2014

One of the World's leading brands...

We can help merchants gain exposure from unique marketing opportunities exclusive to MasterCard which can improve customer loyalty and gain incremental sales:

  • Targeted promotions and access to exclusive sponsorship assets
  • "Priceless" advertising partnerships and digital assets - help drive traffic to retail locations or websites

Bringing innovation faster...

Our customers will be able to leverage MasterCard's unsurpassed capabilities to bring innovation to their businesses faster:

  • MasterCard Labs is charged with conceptualizing, testing, and bringing to market powerful new payments systems that will make transactions faster and easier than ever

The power of data...

Our aim is to optimize, streamline, and grow businesses around the world by introducing them to MasterCard's unique data assets:

  • 65 billion transactions in our data warehouse provide powerful insights into consumer behaviour
  • MasterCard Advisors, the professional services arm of MasterCard, can provide access to real-time transaction data and proprietary analysis, data-driven consulting, and marketing services solutions

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services delivers secure
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