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Apple Pay Now Available

At MasterCard Payment Gateway Services we believe in continuously enhancing our product offering by integrating the latest and most popular ways of accepting payments. With Apple Pay launched in the UK, our payment gateway is one of the first to be approved by Apple to support this new payment method in the UK.

Apple PayTM is a frictionless payment experience developed by Apple Inc. which enables consumers to securely store their bank cards within Apple’s mobile wallet to purchase goods and services, either in-store (contactless) or in-app (e-commerce).


  • Simple in-app payment process (shoppers simply select Apple Pay as a payment method and place their finger on Touch ID to verify the transaction)
  • In-store contactless payments allowing consumers to pay by holding their iPhone near the contactless reader with their finger on Touch ID
  • Built-in device security and revolutionary scheme tokenization provided by MasterCard, VISA and American Express
  • Higher value in-store contactless payments (currently higher than £20)
  • Reporting for in-app transactions
  • Scheme tokenisation fraud profiling via GateKeeper.


  • Reduced risk of basket abandonment
  • Increased transaction volumes as a result of a simple payment process
  • Ground breaking scheme tokenisation ensuring consumers purchases are secure
  • Our omni-channel offering ensures merchants can process all their transactions within one gateway
  • Consolidated omni-channel reporting allows merchants to see all transactions in one location.
  • Enhanced fraud screening profiles consumers spending habits.

Acquirers Supported:

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services is working with all major UK acquiring banks to enable support for scheme tokenisation and Apple Pay. For an up to date list of acquirer support, please contact the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services team.

For more information and advice on available integration options, please contact gateway_sales@mastercard.com.

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