PaddyPower: Secure & PCI Compliant Payments


MasterCard Payment Gateway Services delivered secure and reliable payment processing with continuous uptime in 2011.

Founded in 1988 in Dublin, Paddy Power PLC is Europe’s largest bookmaker. As one of the fastest, innovative businesses in the betting and gaming sector Paddy Power turned over a record €3.83 billion in 2010.

Paddy Power has experienced year on year growth of around 30% for each of the past ten years. The growth and acquisition of SportsBet and IAD has also propelled Paddy Power to become the top corporate book maker in Australia.

As one of the fastest growing bookmakers in the industry Paddy Power is committed to innovation with a vision to provide its customers with more platforms, event and markets to bet on.

“We needed a highly reliable solution that would continue to support us during the busiest events in the sporting calendar. MasterCard Payment Gateway Services’s solution allowed us to maintain continuous uptime in 2011 and has proved instrumental in supporting the business growth” Michael Nolan, Payments Manager and Operational Development Manager.


The Business challenge

Paddy Power recognised the need for a secure and reliable payment solution to provide its customers with a payment experience, in order to reach its objective of acquiring new customers and to best serve existing customers.

As a bookmaker that prides itself on their ability to offer its customers with a broad range of markets, including key sporting events such as The Grand National and The World Cup, Paddy Power sought a provider that was able to deliver extended support during peak periods across its extensive betting, poker, casino, live casino, bingo and games channels.

Furthermore by operating in a highly regulated industry, Paddy Power required a solution which would ensure that its payment processing was compliant with industry standards.


Business Benefits


  • Secure, robust payments system allows Paddy Power to focus on expanding its business
  • MasterCard Payment Gateway Services solution supports high volume transaction processing
  • Continuous transaction processing uptime in 2011
  • Consultative partnership to support day to day operations and future expansion plans


MasterCard Payment Gateway Services Solution

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services provided Paddy Power with a secure online and call centre solution to support payments through the website and the Dial-a-bet call centre function. The solution allows its customers to make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The MasterCard Payment Gateway also enables Paddy Power to process payments across multiple regions, accepting multiple card types in multiple currencies.

As a leading payment provider for the gaming industry, MasterCard Payment Gateway Services recognises the importance of resilience, particularly during prestigious sporting events which attract a high level of transactional activity. Working in tandem with MasterCard Payment Gateway Services’s Peak Performance Processing System that formed the core of the existing MasterCard Payment Gateway Services solution Paddy Power have successfully managed secure and efficient transaction processing during peak periods of trade.

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services also helps Paddy Power meet the requirement of storing all card payment data securely throughout the payment process with a fully PCI compliant solution reducing the challenges, cost and scope of Paddy Power’s PCI audit.

A dedicated account management team with extensive experience in the gaming sector continue to support Paddy Power in its day-to-day operations.


Business benefits for Paddy Power

Paddy Power has benefitted from a secure and reliable payments system which has enabled focus on core operations and business expansion.

The peak performance processing solution allows Paddy Power to process high volume transactions efficiently. In 2011, MasterCard Payment Gateway Services delivered continuous transaction processing uptime securing revenue and delivering good service to its customer base.

With the peak transaction rate during the Grand National in excess of 3000 transactions per minute, Paddy Power had the assurance that any expected or unexpected spikes in transaction volumes were managed efficiently by the proven resilience of the MasterCard Payment Gateway

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services continue to work with Paddy Power in a consultative partnership to support aggressive business growth and expansion into new markets.


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