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Home Retail Group fight fraud with GateKeeper:2.0

Home Retail Group


Home Retail Group is the UK's leading home and general merchandise retailer and their mission is to provide outstanding value and convenience to their customers through the operation of their two retail brands; Argos and Homebase.

The company has been using GateKeeper:2.0, MasterCard Payment Gateway Services's next generation fraud and risk management solution, for many years in order to detect fraud with pin-point accuracy whilst providing a positive and uninterrupted service to genuine customers.

The service has enabled Home Retail Group to:

  • Dramatically reduce attempted fraud rates as fraudsters move to other sites when they detect sophisticated fraud prevention methods are in play

  • Detect fraud with pin-point accuracy

  • Protect genuine customers

Mari-Anne Bayliss, Fraud Risk Manager, at Argos said: "We have been using GateKeeper:2.0 for the past 8 years. We chose GateKeeper:2.0 because of its secondary engine, designed with Retailers in mind, which enables transactions to be screened more thoroughly than solely using a real time model. As a result we are extremely happy with our fraud KPIs which we are confident are industry leading."

To find out more about GateKeeper:2.0 please email Julie.Partridge@datacash.com.

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