Payment Processing for the Gaming Industry

Online gambling has been steadily growing in popularity and in 2010 was worth £15 billion globally. Whilst in 2007 it accounted for 5.7% of the overall gambling market, by the year 2012 those numbers are expected to rise to 9.4%. In addition to that, we have recently seen France and Italy regulate certain parts of their gaming markets and another seven countries are following suit shortly to become part of the ever growing global gambling community.
Ensuring compliance with and adherence to applicable local/regional regulation still remains a big concern for all types and sizes of online gambling businesses.

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services with its sophisticated global payment and fraud prevention services can play an integral role in this process and let you focus on income generating activities. Regardless of whether your business is in a physical building (i.e. high-street bookmaker) or an online company you can benefit from a full spectrum of our market leading solutions.

Key Benefits: 

  • Global network of traditional and alternative payment options allowing you to expand your business into new markets simply and efficiently.
  • Fraud and risk management systems, that can be specifically designed to support age and identity verification, protect against fraud and money laundering, as well as screen players behaviour to identify potential risks.
  • Real-time reporting tool that creates a detailed overview of all types of transactions, from credit and debit cards to local bank transfers and e-wallets.
  • Peak Performance Processing Systems designed to offer the best in class service delivery in situations where merchants require high capacity peak performance (i.e. Grand National) without service degradation.
  • Multiple integration options (API/XML, Hosted Card Capture, Hosted Payment Service) available to help merchants reduce the burden of PCI compliance, if required.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion, giving cardholder the choice of paying for products and services in their own card billing currency.
  • Tokenization, ensuring your front-end communicates efficiently with the information in your back-end systems (in case of payouts, refunds or chargebacks).
  • Payment of winnings supported.


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