Payment Processing for the Airline Industry

Providing global payment processing and fraud and risk solutions to over 100 airlines worldwide, MasterCard Payment Gateway Services encompasses years of unrivalled experience, expertise and industry knowledge in the airline market. We ensure that you deploy the most effective payment strategies that help facilitate seamless business growth, drive sales and reduce operational costs.


The One Thing You Just Can't Fly Without!


  • Fast, reliable and secure electronic International and local credit and debit card processing.


  • Comprehensive Range of Global and Alternative Payment Solutions allowing you to expand your business into new markets simply and efficiently.


  • Multi Channel Payment Processing including Web/eCommerce, Mail Order/Telephone Order, Card Holder Present (CHP), Mobile/mCommerce, Call centre/IVR, Kiosks and more.


  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) enabling you to benefit from an additional revenue stream, while offering your customers visibility of prices in their home currencies.


  • Industry Leading Fraud and Risk Management Solutions able to protect your airline business against the threat of global fraud, filter bookings, apply specific airline checks and rules, monitor fraud patterns, safeguard customers while preserving revenue growth.
  • Sophisticated Reporting Management Service providing access to real-time transaction information for multiple payment options and flexibility around reconciliation and end of day settlement (Bank Settlement Plan (BSP), Electronic Payment Advice (EPA)).


  • Hosted Pages and Tokenization Solutions that remove the need to store sensitive card data and alleviating the impact of obligatory payment legislation on business operations and resources.


  • Seamless Integration into a highly scalable, resilient and reliable payment gateway, connected with industry leading and global reservation systems.


MasterCard Payment Gateway Services delivers secure
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