MasterCard Easy Savings® Program

Automatic savings. No coupons. No codes. No cost to register. Use your eligible MasterCard business card.

What is MasterCard Easy Savings?

MasterCard Easy Savings is an automatic rebate program that enables participating Merchants to provide rebates to eligible MasterCard small business cardholders registered in the program.

How is Easy Savings different from other rebate programs?

MasterCard Easy Savings requires no coupons or codes. Rebate savings are automatically provided and are included on your monthly billing statement.

What are the benefits of MasterCard Easy Savings?

MasterCard Easy Savings is easy to use and simple to understand. Once registered, just use your eligible MasterCard small business card on qualified purchases at any participating Merchant. Your rebates will be automatically applied to your monthly statement. There is no fee to register.

Patented Process

MasterCard has developed a revolutionary new process to allow cardholders to receive rebates automatically from participating merchant partners. No coupons or codes are needed.

Where can I use Easy Savings?