MasterCard PayPass

The Simpler Way to Pay™

Using MasterCard PayPass, consumers simply tap their payment card, or alternative PayPass form factor, on a specially equipped merchant terminal, eliminating the need to swipe a card through a reader. The new solution is ideal for environments where speed is essential, such as quick-serve restaurants, gas stations, drug stores, supermarkets and movie theatres.


What is MasterCard PayPass?

MasterCard PayPass is a contactless payment technology. Instead of swiping or dipping the card in a reader, the customer waves or taps it on a terminal. The card never leaves the customer’s hand. Easy and straightforward, PayPass is The Simpler Way to Pay.

A MasterCard PayPass card contains an embedded computer chip and radio frequency antenna that transmits the payment information securely and quickly to the reader. The transaction is then processed as a normal transaction.

MasterCard cards that contain the PayPass chip also have the traditional magnetic stripe so the card can continue to be used for swipe transactions.

Find out how you can maximize credit card transactions with MasterCard PayPass by contacting your acquirer today;

Why Use It?

PayPass by itself delivers enhanced speed and convenience of payment and gives customers the peace-of-mind of retaining possession of their card throughout a transaction. But when combined with the QPS program, which waives the merchant requirement for signature or receipt, the benefits grow exponentially.

Based on real-market environments, PayPass resulted in:

  • An average 8% improvement in the speed of a transaction;
  • Increased transaction sizes of up to 10% compared with cash (because customers are now able to use their credit card more conveniently);
  • Reduced cash handling;
  • Attraction of new customers and customer loyalty based on the convenience and efficiency.


What are the Point-of-Sale Implications?

Enabling a merchant to accept PayPass requires a plug-in adapter and proximity receiver that can be easily added to a current cash register or terminal through the RS232 port, serial port or USB. Simple-to-use software is provided to modify the terminal or register to detect the PayPass transaction.

MasterCard is investigating significantly in the marketing of PayPass in Canada and can provide merchants and acquirers with marketing and promotional support, POS customization, and training.

Downloadable Fact Sheet

MasterCard PayPass fact sheet for merchants