Realizing the Potential in the Small Ticket Market

MasterCard® PayPassTM and Quick Payment Service (QPS)

Growing an acquiring and merchant business means always looking for fresh, new incremental sources of revenue. To do that, you must identify categories of purchases and segments of merchants where credit card payment volumes can be introduced or increased at the expense of cash and other forms of payment. Small ticket purchases are a prime target for many acquirers.

"Small ticket" is a relative term but essentially means lower value purchases that consumers have traditionally paid for by cash – fast food meals, movie tickets, parking, etc. Usually these transactions are made in environments were simplicity, convenience, and speed of purchase processing are critical for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Unlocking the Full Revenue Potential of the Small Ticket Market:

QPS program:

  • waving requirement for signature or receipt
  • charge-back protection for merchants

PayPass technology:

  • tap and go payment
  • cardholder retains card throughout transaction

Merchant Benefits:

Acquirer Benefits:

  • faster processing
  • incremental sales
  • enhanced customer loyalty and performance
  • chargeback protection
  • ease of implementation
  • penetration into new merchant markets
  • capturing incremental sales
  • shifting volumes from cash
  • growing revenue from new sources

Find out how you can maximize credit card transactions with MasterCard PayPass and QPS by contacting your acquirer. For a list of acquirers click here