MasterCard Unembossed

The Same… Only Different!

MasterCard has developed a new payment solution for consumer segments that have been traditionally underserved – MasterCard Unembossed. These days, customers are looking for greater utility, security, convenience in a payment card. The result is an accelerating number of new programs designed to meet specific cardholder needs, respond to particular market dynamics, or take advantage of new technologies.

What is MasterCard Unembossed?

In most respects it is similar to the MasterCard cards that you already accept: it might take the form of a credit, debit, or MasterCard Prepaid card, and will have the same familiar MasterCard brand mark. There is, however, one major difference – the card will look “flat”. All account information – cardholder name, primary account number (PAN), validity date, and security character – is printed rather than embossed. MasterCard Unembossed has been designed to manage risk by working only in your electronic terminal.

Accept MasterCard Unembossed