MasterCard Unembossed

How to Accept MasterCard Unembossed

If you are a merchant with an electronic terminal, you are ready to start accepting MasterCard Unembossed. If you do not have an electronic terminal, you may want to contact your acquirer to learn how you can get one. MasterCard Unembossed has been developed specifically for markets like yours and we anticipate an increasing number of consumers wanting to use it.

MasterCard Unembossed does not require a separate decalization effort, new equipment, or any system changes; and it is covered by your existing merchant agreement.

You should not process any MasterCard Unembossed transactions if you do not have an electronic terminal, or if it is out of use. If you accept a MasterCard Unembossed transaction and you do not have an electronic terminal, or it is out of use, you may carry additional liability. MasterCard Unembossed cards include an “ELECTRONIC USE ONLY” legend on the card front to inform consumers that merchants will be processing their transactions using their electronic terminals.