MasterCard SecureCode

SecureCode Makes Clear Business Sense

MasterCard SecureCode is designed to help online merchants:

  • Guarantee payments in the e-commerce channel
  • Reduce fraud
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Increase online business
  • Increase cardholder confidence
  • Accept cards from other countries easily and with less risk

MasterCard consumer research shows that MasterCard SecureCode can benefit your business:
  • 60% of e-commerce chargebacks are "cardholder unauthorized" (the cardholder denies making the transaction)
  • MasterCard SecureCode enables electronic retailers to reduce chargeback and fraud costs
  • 44% of consumers indicated having SecureCode would increase their likelihood of buying more online*

* MasterCard consumer research. The data set forth above in this survey derived from information provided to MasterCard and is subject to certain limited verification by MasterCard. Certain information indicated on the survey may not have been independently verified by MasterCard. All data is subject to revision and amendment by MasterCard subsequent to the date of the release of this survey.