MasterCard® Prepaid

Expand Your Opportunities

Convenient and simple payments—that's what consumers want. And by accepting and selling MasterCard Prepaid Cards, you'll not only give your customers that, but you'll open your business to an ever-widening population of prepaid Cardholders—from gift-givers, travelers, corporate and public sector employees, to those who prefer an alternative to traditional payment options. MasterCard Prepaid Cards enable you to enter new market segments, create new customer relationships, generate more revenue and, of course, grow your business.

Two out of every three Canadians have used a prepaid card, and they are projected to spend over $9 billion in 2015 at retail locations using gift, travel, and other prepaid cards. And prepaid card usage is also growing in corporate gift and incentive segments.

  • Everyday Prepaid Cards: An affordable and effective way for consumers to shop, pay bills and manage spending effectively. They're easy to get and easy to use with no credit check required, and they're accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted. And if the card is lost or stolen, Cardholders are protected from unauthorized purchases with Zero Liability*.

  • Prepaid Gift Cards: Make choosing the perfect gift easier for your customers. Most people prefer a prepaid gift card to a traditional gift of equal value2. More than 85% of Canadians with prepaid card experience have either received or given a prepaid card as a gift.

  • Travel Cards: The safe and convenient alternative to cash and travelers' cheques, they're often denominated in foreign currencies, and are accepted at millions of locations worldwide wherever MasterCard cards are accepted. Cardholders are protected from unauthorized purchases with Zero Liability . In addition, Cardholders are protected with the emergency cash advance and card replacement features.

For more information about MasterCard prepaid cards, contact your MasterCard representative.

1Research commissioned by MasterCard
2MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card Survey — Quantitative Research Report, November 2005

*Card registration required. Certain exceptions apply.