Recurring Payments

A Little Back End, a Lot of Reward

With a little back end set up, you could be reaping the benefits of having your customers set for recurring payments – plus your customers’ experiences are seamless.

How the MasterCard® Automatic Billing Updater works

Six Easy Steps:
  1. Participating issuers submit MasterCard account changes to the Automatic Billing Updater database.
  2. Merchants who have registered for the program submit account number queries to their acquirers.
  3. Acquirers submit these account queries to the MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater database.
  4. MasterCard matches account queries to issuer submissions, then returns matches to acquirers.
  5. Acquirers return matched account query records to the specific merchants.
  6. Merchants can then update their billing files with the changed account information.