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City of Toronto receives MasterCard Award
Mayor David Miller (right) accepts the Worldwide Centers of Commerce Award on behalf of the City of Toronto from Kevin Stanton, President of MasterCard Canada, Tuesday, June 12, 2007 in Toronto.  The City of Toronto was ranked No. 12, placing it among the top 50 cities that drive global commerce.  The analysis reflects Toronto’s key role within the global economic landscape, recognizing it as a focal point of today’s interconnected worldwide economy.  (MasterCard Canada, Inc. photo/CPimages/Derek Oliver)
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MasterCard contactless: How it Works
To pay with a MasterCard contactless card, you simply tap the card on a special reader at the store checkout. Your payment will be processed within a few seconds and the card never leaves your hand.
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2007 Priceless Index
Tyler Stewart, drummer for the Barenaked Ladies, is among 21% of Canadians who will be barbecuing hotdogs this Canada Day. According to this year’s MasterCard Priceless Index, the Barenaked Ladies are Canada's most Priceless Canadian Band, while hotdogs and hamburgers were named the most priceless food for Canada Day celebrations (MasterCard Canada, Inc. photo/CPimages/Derek Oliver)
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MasterCard launches at Tim Hortons
Oakville, ON – For the first time, Tim Hortons customers in Canada can pay for their purchases with their MasterCard cards. To mark the announcement, Kevin Stanton, President, MasterCard Canada (right) buys Paul House, Chairman and CEO, Tim Hortons a coffee using his MasterCard contactless card. Approximately 500 Tim Hortons locations are currently installed with MasterCard capability and more locations are being added throughout the summer.
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