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MasterCard Supports Federal Government’s Fight Against Identity Theft

TORONTO, March 31, 2009 – MasterCard Canada today in Ottawa joined the federal government in support of legislation to fight perpetrators of identity theft, a very specific and sophisticated crime. Its prevention and detection require the active engagement of many players including the payments industry, retailers, government, law enforcement and the public.

“We support the government in its plan to criminalize the activities that lead to identity theft,” said Jennifer Reed, Vice President, MasterCard Canada. “At MasterCard, we know that despite our customers’ best efforts it’s possible that consumers could become a victim of identity theft or payment card fraud. That’s why fraud prevention and detection are an integral part of business operations for MasterCard and our card issuers.”

MasterCard believes this legislation is the missing piece in the battle against identity theft. It will play a key role in deterring criminals from pursuing this type of crime.

Identity theft is a serious crime that should have serious repercussions. Industry players like MasterCard, law enforcement and consumer groups have been working hard to solve the problem. They congratulate the government on the announcement of its new legislation and its involvement in this issue will be a key source to containing this problem in Canada.

MasterCard advances commerce worldwide by developing more secure, convenient and rewarding payment solutions. One of the most recent significant developments in this area is the chip card, which provides greater security in electronic transactions.

MasterCard is a global leader in chip implementation and has led the introduction of chip technology in Europe and Asia and now Canada. Upgrading Canadian credit and debit cards to chip protects the Canadian market from global fraud migration as chip rolls out in other countries.

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