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MasterCard Sees Enhanced Opportunities in a Dual Environment

TORONTO, November 17, 2008 – MasterCard applauds Canada’s Commissioner of Competition for her determination that duality of credit card issuing and acquiring in Canada is competitively appropriate. Prior to the announcement, the Competition Bureau had favoured non-duality, which did not allow financial institutions to issue or acquire competing card brands.

According to industry statistics, MasterCard has enjoyed the highest increase in purchase volume, card growth, and number of transactions, making MasterCard the fastest growing payments brand in Canada – in a field that includes Interac (Canada’s only debit brand), American Express, and Visa – over the past three years. A dual market will allow MasterCard to build on this trend by providing greater opportunities through access to new issuers and cardholders. Duality will also simplify the Canadian acquiring landscape and will make Canada a more attractive market for MasterCard to expand acceptance and introduce innovation at the point of sale.

“MasterCard owes much of its success in Canada to its strong partnerships with its long-standing financial institution customers,” Kevin Stanton, President, MasterCard Canada, said. “Together, MasterCard and its customers have continually leveraged MasterCard’s brand, technology, and acceptance strength to deliver innovative and high-quality programs to cardholders and merchants. MasterCard’s unique customer focus will be an even greater asset in a dual environment, where MasterCard’s unsurpassed ability to deliver relevant, results-driven, and customized solutions will be a key differentiator and success driver.”

The move to duality will allow improved competition and innovation in Canadian payments for consumers, businesses, and merchants as more financial institutions and their customers gain access to leading-edge technology from MasterCard, such as PayPass™ contactless payments, mobile payments, Multi Card® corporate payments, enhanced e-commerce payments, and an industry-leading global technology platform.

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• the company’s ability to expand acceptance and introduce innovation at the point of sale;

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• the company’s ability to provide financial institutions and their customers access to leading-edge technology.

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