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Coca-Cola Bottling Company Adds MasterCard® Contactless™ to
5,000 Vending Machines in Canada

Consumers can now enjoy the speed and convenience of buying a beverage from Coca-Cola vending machines with their Contactless-enabled MasterCard payment card

TORONTO, October 7, 2008 – Coca-Cola Bottling Company today announced the installation of MasterCard Contactless payment terminals to more vending machines across Canada. This is the first national activation of such technology in the Canadian beverage vending industry. To date, 400 vending machines located in major cities across Canada have been equipped with MasterCard Contactless technology, with a total of 5,000 machines to be outfitted by 2010.

“At Coca-Cola Bottling Company, we’re always looking for ways to provide consumers with our variety of high quality products in the most convenient way possible,” says Alain Robichaud, Vice President, Operations, Coca-Cola Bottling Company. “MasterCard Contactless offers a value-added solution that delivers a faster and easier purchasing experience while improving our company’s efficiency and effectiveness.”

In addition to providing greater ease and convenience for consumers, this wireless technology enables remote monitoring of vending machine sales and diagnostics.

The Contactless payment terminals are being installed on the front of Coca-Cola vending machines, next to the cash receptacle. With Contactless, consumers authorize the transactions securely, by simply “tapping” their Contactless enabled MasterCard card against a PayPass point-of-sale terminal. The transaction is confirmed within seconds and the consumer never lets go of his or her card. No signature is required and traditional magnetic stripe credit cards are also accepted.

“Canadians are early adopters of new payment methods, and we’re always looking for ways to make the payment process easier, more convenient and more secure,” says William Giles, Vice President, Acceptance, MasterCard Canada. “MasterCard Contactless payments are ideal for traditionally cash-dominant environments like vending machines, where a quick tap or swipe of your card eliminates the need to fumble for cash.”

MasterCard Contactless
MasterCard Contactless uses radio frequency technology to securely transmit payment details wirelessly between the Contactless device and the merchant’s terminal. The transaction is then processed through the MasterCard network for clearing and settlement. Contactless cards can also be used in the traditional manner anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

MasterCard Contactless is ideal for traditional high-volume retail environments where speed is essential. As of Q2 2008 there are nearly 37 million MasterCard Contactless cards and devices in use at more than 122,000 merchants worldwide. There are a number of Contactless trials and rollouts currently underway in 25 countries, including Australia, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. Canadians can currently use Contactless at Rabba Fine Foods, Cineplex Odeon, Tim Hortons, Petro-Canada, Pioneer Petroleums, select Coca-Cola Vending Machines, Loblaw Companies stores across Canada, and beginning later this year, Staples, Sobeys and McDonald’ s Restaurants will also be introducing Contactless .

MasterCard is a registered trademark and Contactless is a trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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Coca-Cola Bottling Company, a wholly-owned operating division of Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., operates in all 10 provinces, and employs 5,500 people across Canada. The company produces, sells and/or distributes a full range of sparkling and still beverages, including, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, diet Coke, caffeine free Coca-Cola, Sprite, diet Sprite Zero, Five Alive, Fruitopia, Fresca, Barq's root beer, CPlus beverages, Fanta, Nestea ice teas, AriZona beverages, Orangina, POWERade sports drinks, Full Throttle, Rockstar, glacéau vitaminwater, Evian, DASANI remineralized water, DASANI Essentials, FUZE, V8 vegetable and fruit juices, and Minute Maid 100% juices.

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