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MasterCard Launches Website to Determine What is Priceless in Quebec

Quebeckers invited to share experiences on

Montreal, April 4, 2007 – MasterCard Canada today launched a new initiative – a user-generated website about Quebec for Quebeckers. Based on its internationally recognized “priceless” (“ça n’a pas de prix”) campaign, MasterCard is launching a website where Quebeckers will be able to share their priceless Quebec experiences, so that all can take full advantage of the treasures of "La Belle Province".

The site makes it possible to watch, hear and read user-submitted experiences in categories including entertainment, food and drink, outdoor experiences and national treasures and in all regions of Quebec. Users can submit written descriptions as well as photos and video clips. Whether discovering the best snack bar in the Eastern Townships or suggesting a bike track through the Gaspé Peninsula, the site will allow visitors to find ideas for activities, heritage sites, restaurants, and more.

"MasterCard wanted to create a platform where Quebeckers could connect with one another and discuss what is priceless in their eyes," said Tammy Scott, Vice-President, Brand Marketing, MasterCard Canada. "We want the 'priceless' signature to really resonate with Quebeckers and no one is better qualified to define this unique culture than Quebeckers themselves. Rather than imposing our vision of priceless Quebec experiences, we are letting Quebeckers define their own unforgettable experiences through this new initiative."

MasterCard will also air three new priceless commercials created exclusively for the Quebec market. Each 15-second documentary-style spot presents an actual priceless Quebec experience. TV viewers will discover the dream of a Montrealer who shared a cooking experience with a local chef, a surfer who practices his sport near the St. Lawrence River, as well as unique sharks that swim off Baie Comeau. The ads, which start airing April 9, invite people from the four corners of the province to share their own priceless experiences on

"We took our inspiration from the web project to create the new 'priceless' ads", said Pierre-Bernard Dow-Blanchet, copywriter for Marketel, MasterCard’s Montreal advertising and communications agency. "The people featured in the commercials are not actors but real Quebeckers who have lived the featured experiences and carry on activities that are 'priceless' in their eyes."

"With the growing Internet sharing phenomenon, such as YouTube and MySpace, social marketing is taking on an increasingly important role," added Scott. "Quebeckers are proud of their products, towns and villages, festivals, tourist attractions and breathtaking landscapes. This new website is intended simply as a forum where everyone can come to share and comment their experiences."

On the site visitors can move around a virtual map of Quebec to discover posted ideas and  suggestions, add comments, and forward links to friends who are looking for an original idea for an activity in one of the Quebec regions. The site has been designed to make finding experiences easy. An audio guide is available to lead Internet users through the site.

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