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Information for MasterCard cardholders who purchased Jetsgo tickets with their credit card.

TORONTO, ON - March 17, 2005 - If you purchased a Jetsgo ticket with your MasterCard card and are unable to take the flight because Jetsgo ceased operations, and if you have not received other compensation, you can obtain a reimbursement. MasterCard cardholders are advised to contact their MasterCard issuer to obtain specific information on how to receive a refund.

MasterCard issuer contact information:

ATB Financial 1-800-661-2266
Bank of Montreal 1-800-263-2263
Canadian Tire Bank 1-800-459-6415
Capital One 1-800-481-3239
Citibank Canada 1-800-387-1616
Credit Union Electronic Transaction Services (CUETS) 1-800-567-8111
MBNA Canada 1-888-877-6262
National Bank of Canada 1-888-622-2783
President’s Choice Bank 1-866-246-7262
Sears Canada Bank 1-800-265-3675
Trans Canada Credit 1-888-295-0050

Will all reimbursements be processed immediately?

Cardholders whose flight dates have already occurred can begin the reimbursement process. Cardholders whose flights are for future dates may need to wait until the flight date has passed and the flight does not occur to start the process. Contact your issuer to discuss your individual situation.

Why can’t future flights be refunded now?

Until Jetsgo is granted bankruptcy protection, it is not clear whether Jetsgo will be providing some compensation or making alternate arrangements for their customers or resuming operations.

What other reimbursements are available?

If you booked with a travel agent you may be eligible for compensation with the agent. Speak to your travel agent.

If your MasterCard card provides specific travel insurance protection, you may be able to receive compensation through that process. Consult your cardholder agreement or contact your card issuer.

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