My business is my business. I need partners who can help me keep it that way.

Chris Dhirani | Kaben Contracting, Toronto, ON

I didn’t simplify
my business,
I simplified
my life.

Jennifer Norfolk | Brûlée Patisserie, Calgarly Alberta

I keep my business safe by keeping my credit safe.

Chris Dhirani | Kaben Contracting, Toronto, ON

Just because I don’t fit
into a category
doesn’t mean
my finances shouldn’t.

Marie Dooley | Marie Dooley signature, Québec QC

I don’t want points, miles or special gifts. I want to be able to choose how to reward myself.

Jason Beach | Kannon Beach Surf, Halifax NS

When you’re in charge, you have to consider everything.

Chris Dhirani | Kaben Contracting, Toronto, ON

I'm not just protecting my business. I'm protecting my name.

Rita Wong | , Rita Wong Events

Simplify your finances with one statement and one bill

Use your MasterCard BusinessCard® exclusively for business expenses to keep them separate from your personal expenses. It’s easier to track than cash or cheques and makes things much simpler for tax season.

Enjoy unsurpassed global acceptance
and purchasing flexibility

Your MasterCard BusinessCard is accepted in over 26 million locations worldwide. You can also access cash at over 820,000 banks and MasterCard®, Maestro® and Cirrus® cash machines anywhere you travel – it’s the world’s largest ATM network. You also have the ability to extend payments, which allows you to overcome any short-term revenue gaps.


Insure and protect your business*

The MasterCard BusinessCard helps insure and protect your business and maintains the highest level of customer service. The benefits that are available may include:

Travel Assistance Services: Allows cardholders to obtain emergency cash and assistance in locating lost or stolen travel documents or luggage.

Referral Services: Provides referrals to help while travelling, with referrals to appropriate doctors, lawyers, embassies and consulates, and assistance in transfers of cash.

MasterCard Global Service®: Provides toll-free assistance in 140 languages – 24 hours a day, worldwide – for lost and stolen card reporting, emergency card replacement and emergency cash advances.

*These benefits may vary by institution. Speak to your MasterCard BusinessCard issuer for more details.

Recurring Bill Payments

Streamline your accounts payable process with Recurring Bill Payments

Eliminate the hassle of writing cheques and avoid late payment by pre-authorizing a merchant to automatically charge your MasterCard BusinessCard account on a recurring basis. You can:

  • make payments monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. – depending on what you and the merchant agree upon;
  • pre-authorized recurring payments, which can be a fixed dollar amount, or they can fluctuate like your phone bill, depending on the terms of the agreement. And once recurring payments are set up, there’s no lag time and no extra fees;
  • stop recurring payments at any time or use this payment method indefinitely.

Use The MasterCard Biller Directory to find a listing of the most popular merchants that accept MasterCard BusinessCard payments.

If you can’t find a specific merchant in the Biller Directory, you will need to contact them to find out if they accept a MasterCard BusinessCard for Recurring Bill Payments. If you have any further questions, please contact your card provider.