"I'm not just protecting my business. I'm protecting my name. Seeing the look on the bride's face when she walks in."

Although it says ‘Event Planner' on her stationery, when asked what she does for a living, Rita Wong answers: "Basically, I meet with a client and I try to suss out their personality and their vision. And I take this vision and I make it a reality." Being incredibly thorough in everything she does – even describing what she does – has been essential to her success.

Because Rita thinks its incredibly important to do something unique for each client, she's constantly researching and traveling to different places, and looking for new ideas. As a result, Rita is always on the move, and her office is wherever she's meeting her client or her vendors that day.

Rita currently takes care of all the details herself, she admits that there are aspects of her business that require help. For example, Rita consults a financial expert about her price structure. When business owners work on their own, they have to decide what their own time is worth. It can be difficult, but Rita knows it's important to be assertive about costs. Her name is her business, and she has to make sure people respect it.

About working a 24-hour day, Rita insists it's no problem. "I don't mind being available, as long as we're fair about it," she says. Rita believes that she and her clients should work as a team. She tries to make things convenient, but finds that mostly people don't mind going out of their way, if that's what it takes to make the wedding perfect. "I can't work miracles," Rita says, "but I will certainly try."

Rita Wong

Wedding and Event planner
Montréal, QC