Jennifer Norfolk has always been a skilled baker - thanks to her mother’s lessons and part-time job in a bakery during University – but she’d never considered it as a career.

Then Jennifer and her husband decided to move to Calgary. She was leaving her job at the CBC and had an opportunity to return to the kitchen at Brûlée Patisserie. She immediately fell in love with it. There was never a day she woke up and didn't want to go to work. So when the business was put up for sale, Jennifer jumped in and bought it.

"I love people. I love food. I love trying new things. I love the fact that you're invited into other people's lives. It's a huge honour to know that your cake is at someone's baptism or someone's wedding. You're part of that experience even though you're not physically present." For Jennifer, it is an experience like no other.

After 4 years, Jennifer still describes herself as a baker and a people person first, so managing the business side of things can be challenging. Although she works with a bookkeeper and has an experienced staff, Jennifer is in charge of paying the bills, tracking daily sales and managing the inventory.

Having great staff, great customers and an uncompromising attitude about her product is also part of what makes Brûlée Patisserie work. Jennifer believes "you shouldn't get too caught up with what you think you should do. Try to figure out what it is you think you want to do. Really listen to your gut. If you do that, everything will unfold as it should. That's been true every time."

Jennifer Norfolk

Brûlée Patisserie
Calgary, AB