My business is my business. I need partners who can help me keep it that way.

Chris Dhirani | Kaben Contracting, Toronto, ON

I didn’t simplify
my business,
I simplified
my life.

Chris Dhirani | Kaben Contracting, Toronto, ON

I keep my business safe by keeping my credit safe.

Chris Dhirani | Kaben Contracting, Toronto, ON

Just because I don’t fit
into a category
doesn’t mean
my finances shouldn’t.

Marie Dooley | Marie Dooley signature, Québec QC

I don’t want points, miles or special gifts. I want to be able to choose how to reward myself.

Jason Beach | Kannon Beach Surf, Halifax NS

When you’re in charge, you have to consider everything.

Chris Dhirani | Kaben Contracting, Toronto, ON

I’m not just protecting my business. I’m protecting my name.

Chris Dhirani | Kaben Contracting, Toronto, ON

Access and analyse spend data with MasterCard smartdata.gen2™*

Introducing an expense management application designed for small business. It’s easy to use, easy to customize, and packed with the options and tools you need. MasterCard smartdata.gen2 is a smart web-based reporting application that transforms expense data into small business intelligence.

Simplify expense tracking

Transactions can be allocated to user-defined accounting codes to track expenses by project, department or work type. And instead of manually entering receipts, expense data can be easily and seamlessly exported into accounting software programs such as Intuit®, Quicken®, QuickBooks®, and Microsoft Excel®.

Turn data into business intelligence

After capture, your enhanced data feeds into the MasterCard® Global Data Repository and then into MasterCard smartdata.gen2, which provides accurate expense data and the tools to transform it into business intelligence. Budget, track trends and analyze spending patterns quarterly, annually, or on demand.

Transform your data into standard or custom reports

Standard reports include your spend summary, company spend summary, spend detail, historical reports, and tax-deductible summary. Or customize your reports by applying a wide variety of filters to get the exact information you need. You can choose to track spending totals with each merchant, or create reports by merchant category.

Up to 36 months of data can be accessed for both standard and custom reports. Report format choices include Excel®, Word® and PDF.

Track employee spend 24/7

Set alerts for spending velocity, transaction type, merchant type and specific merchants, or create alerts for transactions assigned to a specific accounting code. When alerts are triggered, additional information can be accessed through MasterCard smartdata.gen2.

Keep data secure with MasterCard smartdata.gen2

Data is safe and secure, protected by robust, industry-standard SSL protocols and 128-bit encryption. MasterCard smartdata.gen2 has a multi-factor log-in feature, issuer-defined account number masking, and audit trails to provide optimum security.

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*These benefits may vary by institution. You may also be able to take advantage of reporting functionality with other tools your card issuer may offer. Speak to your MasterCard BusinessCard® issuer for more details.