SmartData Online

SmartData Online Complete control.
Increased efficiency.
MasterCard Smart Data OnLineTM moves your company's spending information on to the web to boost productivity and efficiency - while cutting costs.

MasterCard Smart Data OnLine facilitates the information management strategy of over 10,000 companies worldwide. Flexible and robust, this global, web-based reporting application is the cutting-edge solution companies employ to better organize, consolidate, analyze, and manage financial data from MasterCard Corporate Payment Solutions® card programs, as well as cash outlays. Only Smart Data OnLine delivers the rich data you need to negotiate advantageous terms with vendors, to monitor spending at the cardholder and management levels. With Smart Data OnLine, your company can generate comprehensive spending reports for all employees, and accurately integrate transaction data into your company's existing accounting systems. And you can do it all quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently.