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MasterCard Middle Market Fleet Card Unsurpassed Acceptance and Control.

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Features and Benefits

Monitor and control your fleet expenses for improved efficiency and savings. Get more details
Capture and manage detailed spending data, from individual vehicle and driver activity to overall trends. Get more details
Enjoy unsurpassed acceptance at fuel and maintenance locations for less downtime and higher fleet-wide productivity. Get more details
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Monitor and control your fleet expenses

  • Set variable card spending controls by amount of purchase, and type and location of transaction.
  • Require drivers to show vehicle ID or driver ID numbers at the time of purchase for authorization.
  • Assign cards to individual drivers or to vehicles.
  • Change purchasing authorization and spending criteria quickly and easily.
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Capture and manage detailed spending data

  • Capture extensive data about purchases at the point of sale.
  • Consolidate expenditures within a single payment program.
  • Retrieve detailed, industry standard information such as service type, product code, product quantity, merchant address, and other criteria.
  • Integrate MasterCard data into your existing fleet asset management systems as well as accounting and ERP systems.

Added reporting capabilities:
  • Utilize innovative online web-based reporting solutions, such as MasterCard Smart Data, and other similar tools offered by your card issuer, that are fully interoperable with your existing reporting systems.
  • Enable a user to retrieve purchasing information daily, weekly, or monthly and create reports to manage your organization and control expenses.
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Enjoy unsurpassed acceptance at fuel and maintenance locations

  • Accepted at over 15,000 fuel locations across Canada and over 175, 000 fuel locations across the U.S, so drivers can use the card virtually everywhere they travel.
  • Unsurpassed acceptance means more convenience and less downtime for drivers, lowering overall cost per mile and increasing fleet-wide productivity.
  • MasterCard Global Service®. Offers access to toll-free assistance, in over 140 languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This toll-free number provides emergency card replacement within two business days. Cardholders may also have the option of other benefits such as lost/stolen card reporting, emergency cash advances, and MasterCard®, Maestro® and Cirrus® cash machine locators.
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