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MasterCard Corporate Card Maximum flexibility and superior control.

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Manage travel more effectively for increased savings, efficiency, and control. Get more details
Enjoy unsurpassed global acceptance and purchasing flexibility Get more details
Insure and protect your employees with extensive business and travel benefits. Get more details
Extend your card functionality with our integrated e-commerce solutions.
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Manage travel more effectively

  • Assign cards to individuals or departments with variable controls, such as dollars per month and per transaction or transactions per day and per month.
  • Change purchasing authorization and spending criteria quickly and easily.
  • Retrieve comprehensive daily, monthly, quarterly or annual financial reports that break down spending by merchant, expense category, business unit, and other criteria.
  • Integrate MasterCard data into your existing accounting and ERP systems.
  • Easily account for international standards including value-added taxes and foreign exchange.

Added reporting capabilities
  • Utilize innovative online web-based reporting solutions, such as MasterCard Smart Data, and other similar tools offered by your card issuer, that are fully interoperable with your existing reporting systems.
  • Enable users to retrieve travel expense information daily, weekly, or monthly and create reports to manage your organization and control costs.
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Enjoy unsurpassed global acceptance and purchasing flexibility

  • Access to cash at over 820,000 ATM and branch locations worldwide.
  • The MasterCard®/Maestro®/Cirrus® ATM Locator directs you to the nearest ATM, anywhere in the world.
  • MasterCard Global Service®. Offers access to toll-free assistance, in over 140 languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This toll-free number provides emergency card replacement within two business days. Cardholders may also have the option of other benefits such as lost/stolen card reporting, emergency cash advances, and MasterCard®, Maestro® and Cirrus® cash machine locators.
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Insure and protect your business

The MasterCard Corporate Card helps you to insure and protect your business and maintains the highest level of customer service. These benefits include:

Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver Insurance Coverage
Full-value primary collision/loss damage coverage and secondary personal effects coverage when you rent a car for 31 days or less.

Travel Services Medical Protection
Medical expense coverage relating to hospital admission or emergency care

Travel Assistance
Emergency cash, replacement of lost tickets and documents, and lost luggage assistance. Also provides information on required travel documents, immunization and currency rates.

Legal Referral Service
Provides legal referral and bail bond assistance while cardholders are abroad.

`Benefits will vary by institution issuing the MasterCard card
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Extend your card functionality

Get more out of your Corporate Card program with these great value-added solutions:

Your need: The MasterCard Solution:
To maximize the utility of your existing ERP system Integrate your company's Enterprise Resource Planning system with MasterCard Corporate Card data so that transactional data generated at any point of purchase worldwide by your corporate cardholder is automatically downloaded into your ERP system. You no longer need to wait for month end statements to track details of that month's expenses.
To enable more efficient Travel expense accounting and reconciliation MasterCard has partnered with leading expense solution providers to provide more efficient, streamlined methods to account for travel, fleet and purchasing expenses.

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