Co-Branding Solutions

Co-Branding Solutions A MasterCard co-branded alliance can make your valuable name work even harder.

MasterCard delivers a card program that means business. MasterCard spent years researching and developing business platforms unlike any other in terms of the value it delivers. Our efforts resulted in the MasterCard BusinessCard® program - used daily for purchases ranging from T&E, to office supplies, to large ticket business equipment.

In addition, the MasterCard BusinessCard offers unique resources such as MasterCard Smart Data, a best-in-class, web-based reporting application that provides easy online access to spending data for the cardholder.

Start enjoying the value of the MasterCard Co-Branding Solution:

  • Build and improve brand recognition.
  • Encourage customer loyalty.
  • Attract new customers or strengthen existing relationships.
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Provide a B2B payment solution with universal acceptance, online reporting tools, and valuable business savings.
  • Gain a valuable customer relationship management tool.
  • Create a customized Loyalty/Reward Program.
  • Increase sales and revenue opportunities

For more information on a co-branding solution, please contact Patrick Sulston, VP Commercial Business Development, MasterCard Worldwide at 416-365-5596 or email