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Complete control. Increased efficiency.

MasterCard superior reporting provides complete details of spending. Comprehensive, customized online reports from MasterCard Smart Data OnLine™ enables you to track expenses so that you can effectively monitor and manage your fuel and fuel-related costs. With this information, you can make better overall management decisions relating to how you use vehicles, drivers, and other resources.

MasterCard Smart Data OnLine™ is a global, Web-based reporting application that helps your company seamlessly organize, consolidate, analyze and manage financial data from cards, cash transactions and other MasterCard programs.

Features and Benefits

  • Detailed cardholder spending activity is tracked and reported including transaction information, cardholder summaries, statements, and vital information.
  • Your MasterCard data integrates into existing accounting and ERP Systems with quick and easy access to card spend data.
  • Diverse company expense management needs, from admistration to purchasing and more are supported.
  • Easy, company-wide, set-up only system requirement is browser and Internet access to deliver data and reporting straight to your desktop without proprietary software.
  • Minimal training for all levels of use - simple, intuitive design and little system interface training required.
  • Enhancements are immediately available to all users, eliminating extensive and costly software updgrades, data download, and database load processing.

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